Why your Brand Need an Instagram Live Strategy

Instagram attracts a staggering one billion users every month. What does that tell you? Well, it implies that the network is one of the most sought after. It also means that it is an excellent platform to connect with millennials especially because most Instagrammers are 18 to 29-year-olds.

Instagram Live is a relatively new feature that you should embrace to make the most out of your account. Here’s why you need to start using it;

Newsfeed Priority

Of course, you want the most valuable content to appear on your audiences feed, right? Since Instagram changed its algorithm, you can rest assured that your videos will get the priority of the feed of your follows. In other words, there’s every reason to use Instagram live if you want to create more engagement with your content.

Better Engagement

Speaking of engagement, Instagram Live gives your followers a better chance to interact with your content. Even more impressive, it allows you to address your clients complains while answering questions at the same time. Think of it as a way to help you host valuable discussions with your followers.  By extension, you can understand your audience better and what they expect from your brand.

Building Relationships

See, the closer you get to your audience, the easier it is to form a lasting bond with them. By posting live videos, you have a one on one moment with your followers. That way, you can create a deeper relationship that may extend beyond the platform. Besides, once your audience feels uniquely connected to you, they eventually convert into brand loyalists.

Better Brand Identity

Instagram Live offers a brilliant opportunity for your brand to demonstrate its individuality. The themes, filter, and inspirational content go a long way in bringing your company’s personality to life.

…One More Thing

Always do an audit of your audience to know when it’s time to add the numbers. See, after all is said and done, you still need to have enough followers for your live videos to get as many views as possible. Use services such as SocialSteeze to help you maintain a healthy presence on Instagram. Be sure to get more information about SocialSteeze and why you should spend your money on it.

In conclusion, keep an eye on the latest Instagram trends and find what they mean to the growth of your brand.