“White” diet for weight loosing.

From all variety of diets, which are regularly delivered on our consideration by nutritionists, it is possible to allocate a “white” diet as the safest. It is called so because most of the products, which are taken as a basis of it, are white (and close to it). These are all dairy products, a large number of vegetables and fruits.

Certainly, for reduction of weight, it is necessary to choose low-fat dairy products, and to forget about white bread, pasta and sugar for a while. In any option of a “white” diet, it is recommended to observe the particular drinking treatment which assumes 2-2,5 pure liters daily.

The menu of a “white” diet for seven days:

Breakfast: apple, a cup of tea with milk and natural yogurt. Bear in mind that it is required to eat 100 % natural or homemade yogurt (learn more at Yummy Yogurt);

Lunch: the egg hard-boiled (as option – an omelet only from egg protein), the cucumber, tomato filled with natural yogurt, a glass of kefir/fermented baked milk;

Afternoon snack: natural yogurt, porridge on water, a glass of milk;

Supper: natural yogurt, apple/pear.

For a week of such food, it is possible to leave easily 4-5 extra kilos and considerably improve an intestines vermicular movement.

The menu of a white diet for three days:

Vegetable marrow;

Cabbage color and white;

Cottage cheese;



Protein of eggs;

Chicken breasts.

From the resolved products, it is possible to constitute any combinations, considering that the number of daily-consumed calories shall not exceed 1200 kcal. In three days, it is possible to lose weight by 2-4 kilograms.

There are some more options for a white diet, but these are more likely mono-diets. One option assumes to use only boiled milk of low-fat content within five days, another – week to eat cottage cheese and bran.

All options of a white diet yield good results if to combine them with physical activities. Then the result will remain a long time. However, before a white diet, it is strongly recommended to visit the doctor who will be able to reveal the hidden allergic reactions and will help to pick up the vitamin and mineral complex necessary for you.

Basic principles of “white” diet:

– it is necessary to eat often, at least through two, at most in 4 hours. It is very important. Thus, your organism would not stock fats, thinking that it deprive of some food (in case of starvation, the diet and the principle are not after 18). Therefore, meals shall be 5-6 in a day.

– always carefully chew food;

– it is necessary to eat about 25% of the daily caloric content at breakfast, 30-40% for day meals (having a snack, a lunch, an afternoon snack), 15-20% for a dinner and evening.

– it is obligatory to drink water. Consumption of a large amount of water helps to get rid of cellulitis.