What is pediatric integrative medication

Pediatrics is the branch of medicine that deals with the health of children while integrative means tending to merge two things together. Therefore, Pediatric integrative medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with the treatment of the child’s disorder with the use of professional medication and complementary therapies. By the end of this article, I want to be sure that you are orientated on what pediatric integrative medicine program is all about, and to show you the techniques they use in treating their patients. 

Pediatric integrative medicine is the part of medicine that is concerned with the wellness of children and the whole family in particular. Moreover, Pediatric integrative medicine uses a variety of self, conventional and perfecting healing method that will be suitable for the patient. The integrative medicine program also uses new methods to identify and aid each patient’s natural healing process by observing the patient’s body (spirit, body, and mind) from a holistic point of view.

Different Pediatric experts have contributed extensively to help improve patient’s health and to enhance healing by using natural healing methods with the faster healing process

These methods include:

•    Absolute attention to environmental and civilized factors that can influence the healing processes

•    By employing exceptionally trained specialists that can apply both professional aspects (medication, psychotherapy) with natural strategies (massage, nutrition, exercise and meditation) for treating their patients.

•    By using the holistic method to treat and assess the patient’s spirit mind and body.

•    By providing the most natural treatment that will not affect the patient whenever needed

•    Using the recent working medicine and self-healing factors that will help improve the patient’s health.

•    Support all individual by help building their capacity for flexibility

•    By orientating the patient and their family about diagnosis and treatment issues.

•    By the application of collaborative treatment measures with the patient’s families, other specialists, school staff, friends and the community resources

•    To teach the individual about mind/body and other self-healing techniques.


The integrative medicine clinic provides treatment services for it patients with different disorders (both emotional, learning and behavioral aspects. The challenges where treatment are offer includes:

•    Dyslexia (Learning disorder)

•    Having difficulties in sleeping

•    Enuresis (both day and night wetting)

•    Irritable Bowel syndrome (IBS)

•    Encopresis (Facial soiling and constipation)

•    Irritable, depression and anger

•    Psycho-educational Testing

•    Having resistance behaviors

•    Anxiety disorder

•    Habit

Moreover, treatment services are also offered to those disorders not mention above. The integrative medicine clinic is equipped with specialists that know what to do at the right time.

However, both visible clinical staff and others in the community always coordinate different treatments to provide various medications like the Psycho-education, hypnotism, meditation, Diet and nutrition, massage, aromatherapy among others.

Pediatric Integrative medicine is one of the best pediatric treatments. Due to the fact that it uses both the natural and professional healing processes to take care of their patients.

I can now be sure that the Pediatric integrative medicine will not be a strange thing to my readers again.