What Are The Major Differences Between Retron 5 And Super Retro TRIO

Many people think that Retron 5 and Super Retro TRIO are almost the same game consoles. Their core features and functionality is quite similar. However, game experts provide a list of major differences between the performance rendered and the comparison of functionality offered by them in different areas.

Visual Output

The Super Retro TRIO provides composite S-Video output and audio-visual, while the Retron 5 only provides HDMI out. The TRIO version produces scan lines with S-Video in 4:3 ratio the Retron 5 provides scan-lines and other filters by way of a menu option. It gives you a choice of using either a 16:9 or 4:3 displays.

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Region dependency

Both Super Retro TRIO and Retron 5 game consoles are independent of the region. Retron 5 do not require any specific setting and works in an automatic way, whereas the TRIO requires a minimal amount of setting on the outside of the gaming console.

The Retron 5 holds an upper hand over of Super Retro TRIO as it features an SD card slot that enables one to convert games in the Japanese language into the English language. The Super Retro TRIO provides support for Ever drive carts whereas the Retron 5 fails to identify these devices.


The Super Retro TRIO and the Retron 5 offer best quality support to the original multitap devices and 1st party wired controllers. The Retron 5 has a rechargeable wireless controller that consists of two shoulder buttons, six face buttons, and an “analogue stick” to offer eight-way directional movement.

This controller offer comfort to the player to help him hold the device. The button on it provides a satisfying “click” to access the features.

The Retron 5 is the more advanced gaming console as compared to Super Retro TRIO as it offers 720p upscaling, save states, a higher quality visual experience, and audio, HDMI-out, and a large number of supported platforms.

Due to the unavailability of these features, Super Retro TRIO is less expensive than the Retron 5. Thus, if you are an experienced gamer who doesn’t mind paying a little more for its advanced features then Retron 5 is an ideal option.