Top 5 Toys to Give 5-Year Olds to Boost Their Mental Game

If a 4-year-old boy close to you is about to celebrate another year in his life, gifting him a toy is a kind gesture. He’ll appreciate your presence on his birthday party, all right, but he’ll also appreciate the fact that you have wrapped something up for him. But rather than go for a random item, choose a toy that will help him mentally.

Here are some ideas:

1: Chutes & Ladders Board Game

As a gift, you could give a classic favorite: Chutes & Ladders. Of many board games, it’s one of the good ones because it’s not all about luck.

It will encourage a kid to count, talk, and strategize. It will also help him understand that he needs to follow the rules.

2: Legos

If you choose to buy Legos for a kid, he’ll be so happy. He can play with it while he’s young and even when he ventures into adulthood. Legos teach him that small blocks can add up to make cool structures These small blocks can also add up to form the grandest items – and for that, his imagination is the limit.

You can even get Lego architecture sets. Visit to learn more.

3: Jump Rope

A jump rope makes a great gift. It enhances a kid’s arithmetic skills (counting). And not only will it power up his mental game, it will also let him have fun physically.

4: Train Track Set

If that boy has a penchant for trains, a train track set as a gift is a genius idea. At his age, he’s at the point where he likes to build make-believe environments.

Creating make-believe scenarios puts his creativity to use. He learns to think strategically – and in an out-of-the-box style. Giving him that opportunity is something he’ll be grateful for.

5: Rubik’s Cube

A Rubik’s Cube is perfect for a budding math genius. If he’s into solving problems, this toy will come in handy. It’s nice that a Rubik’s Cube is quite small since he can bring it along often.

Additionally, a Rubik’s Cube will provide an opportunity for him to bond with his parents. If he can’t seem to figure out a solution, he can turn to his mom, dad, or even both parents.


You should know that kids appreciate gifts. It makes them feel giddy – a feeling which they can remember as they grow up. And one of the best things about it is that they have a lot of time to simply enjoy what’s in front of them.