How to Choose the Ideal Hair Straightener?

Hair straightening iron is one of the best hair tool investments. They are versatile and can be used on wavy, curly, thick, fine, naturally straight or damaged hair.

Choosing the right kind of hair straightener can be a hard decision. You can visit the Brushed Straight website to know the things to be considered for your hair type.

Types of plates

Today, the main types of plates used in hair straighteners are glass, metal, titanium, ceramic or a blend of titanium and ceramic. The hair straightener prices will reflect significantly on the kind of plate you select.

Hair straighteners equipped with glass or metal plates are less expensive. Drawbacks of these kinds are many like they take more time to get hot. Uneven heat on the plates can cause hair burns. The price is tempting but can harm the health of the hair.

Common ones are ceramic plated, which heat evenly and quickly. Ceramic is smooth on the hair and makes it look shiny. Titanium is also a good choice because these are lightweight, strong, as well as heats up quickly and evenly. Girls with thick coarse hair can consider titanium flat iron because it includes ionic charge that helps to attain smooth hair quickly without doing the same section again and again.

Other features to consider in hair straightener

Temperature adjustment

Having temperature adjustment in hair straightener is essential because everyone’s hair differs. For example, fine hair will need low temperature to avoid possibility of burning. Thick, coarse or tight curly hair will need high temperature to attain the desired effect.

Hair straightener size

For short hair, it is wise to select narrow iron. Common size used are 1 ¼” – 1 ½”.  Narrow iron is effective on straight hair. If you have long hair then try the 2” – 3” plate size. It will save time and even the hair will get straightened more efficiently.


Heavy straightener is uncomfortable to use daily for hair styling.


Long swivel cord is recommended but make sure to avoid irritating cord bunch ups or tangles, while styling. Cordless flat plate irons are best for jet-setting.

Special characteristics

Hair tools are available with different features like steam function or in-built comb teeth. Instant heat hair straightner is ideal for those, who have less time to get ready, every morning.