Hedge Care and Maintenance

Your home isn’t just the building that you live in; it encompasses the area surrounding it as well. One of the critical aspects of the home is the hedge- the live fence that surrounds your property. You ought to take care of this hedge to make your home look attractive.

The first few years of the hedge are the most vital to its growth. It is natural that the hedge will grow into a lush and upright shape with no help, but the desire to have a uniform and neat hedge is what ought to inspire you to trim it. What is considered a good hedge is that is dense but has been cut to size regarding height and size. Regular maintenance and pruning all year round is the only way to achieve such a feat.

The Role of a Hedge

The hedge, whether large or small, is an important feature of any garden. It can offer privacy, provide shelter from the wind and protect your home from peeping. In a larger area, the hedge can even be used to separate different areas of the garden. They can also be used as a backdrop for other kinds of soft plants.

The Future of Your Hedge

The future of the hedge is determined by the way you manage me now.  In the early years, it is vital that you prune the hedge regularly to achieve the shape you desire. This regular cutting usually encourages faster growth of the hedge.

The kind of hedge is also determined by the kind of shrubs you use on the hedge. Using shrubs with large leaves will make it harder for you to shape the individual shrubs into the desired shape. Get a shrub with smaller leaves because they are easy to trim and hedge.

You also need to use a shrub that is evergreen. This means the hedge will retain leaves throughout winter instead of shedding them.

The Right Tools

You need to have the right kind of tools every time you decide to trim the hedge. Make sure the tool you pick from http://trimmersandedgers.com/ cuts the shrubs right without destroying the shoots.


Growing and maintaining a hedge from scratch is a tough yet rewarding thing to do. Take time to get the right kind of shrubs for the task and trim it regularly using the right kind of tools to get the hedge of your dreams.