Fixing chapped and peeling lips

Has winter season wreaked havoc to your lovely lips or maybe the wind during summer is drying your lips?   We all know how painful chapped lips are and more often very undesirable and even the best lipstick won’t do you any good because there is no way you will apply a lipstick on chapped lips. So what  are some of the remedies that you can opt for to avoid this disaster?


Well, the first thing you would want to do is address the root cause of the chapped and peeling lips, which is more often than not dehydration. Other than that, you need to heal the already chapped skin and protect it from further damage, which also results from extreme cold or dry climate.  The normal dehydration recommendation is that you drink at least eight to nine glasses of water every day, but if that is not possible, use juice or any fluid since that will count towards your daily hydration goal.


Vaseline will definitely come in handy when getting rid the look of a peeling lip, but you might want to consider complementing it with beeswax. This mixture is safe and is therefore a good way of locking in moisture and preventing further dryness.

Lip balm

You would think that every lip balm you find out there would work because they are designed for the same purpose but that is far from the truth. Choose wisely, avoid those that has menthol or peppermint.

Moisturizing Lipsticks

With chapped lips, you have to be careful with the kind of lipstick you use. You need to pick one that will moisturize, protect, soothe, tint, and soften your lovely lips most of the time. You will get quite a number of lipsticks perfectly tailored for chapped lips, but again ensure they have all the properties mentioned above, otherwise, Lovely Lips notes that you will damage your lips further.

Insanely dry lips need more than a lipstick or a lip balm; you need to avoid peeling off the dry skin from the lips. Rather, clean them with warm water or use soft bristles toothbrush. Do not bite or lick the skin of the lips.  If you have scoured lips products to moisturize your lips and have tried any of the other methods above but still have chapped lips, or maybe the corner of your lips is cracked, then you might consider seeing a doctor. This could be a sign of some health problem like yeast infection.