Basic Home Maintenance Tips During the Cold Season.

Homes require regular maintenance so as to ensure that people survive through the cold seasons. The winter season requires proper preparation with not only right clothing but also ensuring that the house has weather seals and good appliances. The following are major maintenance tips that every homeowner should stick to during the cold season.

  1. Improve the insulation. Ensure that there are no air leakages from the windows or doors during this period. It is advisable to add a weather stripping on both the doors and the windows. The garage is another important section of your home that houses valuable assets. Keep the doors closed to avoid entry of ice or cold air that can affect the occupants.
  2. Store tools and machinery in a safe place.  Household tools and machinery need proper care when the temperatures are extremely low. Spray all the seasonal equipment with a light oil to give them a coating that protects them from rusting. Weatherize the lawn mower and clean it and remove all the debris, leaves and mud. Place those tools that you occasionally use in a cool and dry place to protect them from water damage.
  3. Improve the drainage system. Low temperatures are likely to destroy pipes that cannot withstand weather variations. Ice can block your tubes during the winter season which leads to a limited flow of water and other liquids. If there are any leakages, fix them immediately to avoid flooding. If you have plastic tubes, ensure you use a recommended heat tape and stick to manufacturers’ guidelines during the installation process. If you are going for a vacation during this period, ensure you close all the taps to prevent possible water damage. Remove all the leaves, debris, and dirt from the gutters, to enhance water flow.
  4. Maintain the garden and lawn. Ensure that your garden has plants that can withstand harsh environmental conditions. Trim all the large branches and trees because this can cause damage from electrical wires and poor connections. Clean the patio furniture and store in a secure place or cover it with a thick tarp. Inspect the deck for insect damage and decay and do replacements before the situation gets out of hand.
  5. Check the heating system. Contract a professional to check your boiler or furnace at least once every year just before the cold season starts. Clean and replace the filters on the furnace to ensure they perform their task efficiently.

Taking the above precautions ensures that you survive the cold season without much hustle. Companies such  build houses that endure weather variations.