About advantages of figure skating.

Figure skating is not only a beautiful sport. It is also fitness training that helps to keep the ideal shape, forms a bearing, and positively influences an organism in general. Besides, figure skating promotes weight loss and production of the hormone of happiness of endorphin. In fact, this beautiful sport have a lot of advantages. Here you will find more about this enjoyable enterprise.

Successful training will depend not only on your persistence but also of your physical condition, quality of sports equipment and time, which you will be able to devote for training. Another important factor is professional skills of the trainer, who will conduct individual lessons.

The figure skating is available to everyone, regardless of age. It is always possible to learn how to carry out simple elements. The only thing you need is desire.

The leading trainers unanimously declare that almost all adults at the first exit to ice can keep balance and take several independent steps in half an hour. Further success depends on you.

To achieve the result, it is necessary to train at least two-three times a week. It is also important not to exhaust yourself with loadings (the balanced training lasts no more than an hour, without causing overstraining of muscles)

Clothes for figure skating.

The clothes have to be comfortable. Narrow miniskirts or the fitting jeans will hold down the movements and will bring the mass of troubles. Long dresses and wide skirts are not suitable for skating. These things can lead to falling and serious injuries. Long scarfs, handbags and even big earrings should be removed before an exit to a skating rink.

As the option will be suitable woolen sweater and stretch trousers. If you are afraid to freeze, put on a short jacket. Unlike a fur coat or a sheepskin coat, it would not hold down movements and to pull you down the weight. Do not forget about gloves! At the time of falling, it will save hands from scratches.

Boots for figure skating have to be made of sound firm leather and fit a leg tightly.

The most important are the placement of an edge – the ankle joint has to be kept reliably by a boot in vertical position. If you cannot keep balance on the skates, it is better to choose another couple.

Trainers advise to choose boots that are floor sizes less as when driving a leg has to be well recorded. Do not afraid if boots reap a little – after the first training, they will disperse.

It is necessary to put boots on nylon socks of average thickness. It is impossible to put on several steams of thick socks – it will worsen blood circulation.