5 Unique Instagram Alternatives You Missed Out On

5 Unique Instagram Alternatives You Missed Out On

Are you one of those complainers that loves to nag all day because you somehow fail to build a fan base for yourself and hide under excuses like there is too much competition on Instagram.

Well, I’m not here to disregard that excuse so instead, I try to offer you a solution. Not that I think your argument is valid but simply because I don’t feel like changing what you’re convinced of already. At this blog, we like to keep it light.

So here are 5 alternatives to Instagram to try your luck


EyeEm is very similar to Instagram but few people know about it so you can easily tap into their followers base as no other influencers have bothered with it. With the right strategy, this can be an absolute gold mine for you.


You’d be amazed how many people visit this photo site, not so much to engage, more to find images to accompany the post they just wrote and with a little luck they quote the source. You can be this source and grow your website, and funnel them from your website to your Instagram. Clever ey?


A direct Instagram competitor that’s picking up pace these days, their streamlined platform allows you to do the same as you do on Instagram and they are growing like wildfire so now is the time to tap into this source.


Nope, Pinterest isn’t dying at all, you just need to be in the right niche to make the most out of this platform. Keep in mind that if you are targeting youngsters that Pinterest should not be your first choice. It’s more for cat-lovers and stay-at-home moms where they made their breakthrough so know your niche.


If Pinterest targets your mom, and perhaps even your grandmother then Hipster focuses on the younger generation in the range of 15-35-year-olds so if this is your target audience then hop over and be hip. People expect something trendy here so make sure you are ready for them or they will roast you. Just a friendly reminder.

Automation Alternative

I said it before and I say it again, it’s nonsense that there’s too much competition on Instagram so don’t use this as an excuse for your failure. There is a lot of bot activity going on, just look at those reviews: https://trustadvisor.io/best-site-buy-instagram-followers-likes/, so if you can’t beat them, join them instead!