2 Epic Ways to Crush the Competition

If you’re making your way to the top of the ranks on Instagram, don’t think that you’re on your own.

There will be people. Some will help you up, others may want to bring you down, and the rest will compete with you.

Pay attention to these competitors.

Here are some ways to crush them.

1: Opt for Organic Growth

Start on the right path, which you can do by opting for organic growth.

Growing your brand organically means you have to ditch the idea of instant success. More importantly, it means that you need to work hard.

Be willing to take the long route to success, if necessary. No shortcuts, nada.

To make this possible, you need these:

  • SEO-friendly profile
  • Topnotch content
  • Great user engagement levels
  • Consistent productivity

Now, there are services that offer to provide followers. Yes — it appears you can buy Instagram followers from those services.

If your competitors have more followers, it’s tempting to give in to the opportunity to have a higher follower count.

So, whether or not you should buy followers is all up to you. But where organic growth is concerned, such a deed is not recommended.

Here’s a good read on the subject: https://spireusa.com/buy-instagram-followers/.

As the article discusses, there are pros and cons to buying Instagram followers. If you choose to buy followers, you’re choosing the wrong approach.

Instead of going out there to buy followers, why not let those followers do the work of finding you?

Your competitors may currently have more followers. But don’t let that discourage you from furthering your ambitions for your brand.

Remember that having a high follower count is not the sole basis of doing good on the social network. And for all you know, many — if not all — of your competitors’ followers are fake users.

2: Ask Help from Instagram Automation Tools

Especially if your competitors are fast workers, there’s the threat that you will get left behind.

If you don’t want to take the backseat, turn to automation tools of sorts. Like a schedule management tool, auto-responder, and auto-liker.

Leave the generic tasks to the Instagram automation tools. And focus on better and bigger tasks.

Tasks like devising a plan involving a target audience or a brilliant marketing approach are examples of the real deal. You should concentrate on these tasks because you’re the boss. And by that, this means there’s no one who can handle them better than you.

You can crush your competition this way because you are goal-centered.


Having competition is actually a good thing. So, think of it as such and see it as an opportunity to do and be better on Instagram. Remember to set the bar high — as high as possible.